Pod Is My Copilot
"A Snarky Audio Cocktail," says David In Denver... Taylor the Latte Boy and Rodan (the gays) and Taffy Carlisle Huffington (the girl) talk about life in Florida and Louisiana, love (even if it's only for a night), friendship and pop culture on a weekly podcast. MONRRRROOOOE!!!!Another great podcast hosted by LibSyn.com

It's a boy's night as Taylor and Rodan discuss Comi-con, DVDs, Porn and Jelly Beans!  And Taffy sends a text!  Releasing the episode early because (as of this writing) 38 of you were willing to validate my need for approval, we are Pod Is My Copilot!

Don't forget about our contest!  Mention the show on your social media of choice and let us know about it, and you're going to be entered into a contest sponsored by MetroMint flavored water!  Each mention gets you an entry!  Contest ends August 1st! (Mention us while in a picutre where you're DRINKING a Metromint gets you FIVE entries!)





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