Pod Is My Copilot
"A Snarky Audio Cocktail," says David In Denver... Taylor the Latte Boy and Rodan (the gays) and Taffy Carlisle Huffington (the girl) talk about life in Florida and Louisiana, love (even if it's only for a night), friendship and pop culture on a weekly podcast. MONRRRROOOOE!!!!Another great podcast hosted by LibSyn.com

Taylor's gets geeky, Taffy gets windblown, and Rodan considers going under the knife.  All this plus the Babalattes get DENIED at the Magic Kingdom, and we lovingly cast one of our favorite podcasts into one of the scariest movies of all time....It's Pod Is My Copilot, kittens!!

blog: www.podismycopilot.com, phone: 206-350-1287, mail: podismycopilot@gmail.com, facebook: Ok, So I Love Pod Is My Copilot, or Pod Is My Copilot.

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