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"A Snarky Audio Cocktail," says David In Denver... Taylor the Latte Boy and Rodan (the gays) and Taffy Carlisle Huffington (the girl) talk about life in Florida and Louisiana, love (even if it's only for a night), friendship and pop culture on a weekly podcast. MONRRRROOOOE!!!!Another great podcast hosted by LibSyn.com
PiMC: Episode 24, Part 1 - He Has A Thick Chestnut Bush, or They Like 'Em Husky In Monroe....

Well, we are so chock full of stories and vignettes tonight that I had to break the episode up into TWO shows. (Part 2 will be out later in the week).  Taylor talks with both Taffy and Rodan...but not at the same time...it will make sense when you listen to it.  Taffy talks about a waiter with no boundaries, Rodan has the honor of being the first PiMCer hunted down online (by a cute guy, from the sounds of it), Taffy and Taylor discuss cheating on tests in school and the joy of child abuse, Rodan talks about how finding an unwelcome pest in his house led to his new marital status, and plans to bring Rodan back to the show a little more often, especially now that he can be our roving reporter.....kinda...again, it will make sense when you listen to it.  Reunited (kinda) and it feels so good, we are Pod Is My Copilot. MUSIC: Brain Bukit - RunRabbit/The Chase

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Watch for Part 2 of Episode 24 coming later this week!!!

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