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PiMC: Episode 27 - You Smell Like Barney Rubble, and He's Blowing Up A Raft To Ride Down Lake Bear

First and Foremost, this episode is a little more risque than usual, so not for the faint of heart.  That being said.....

ALL THREE HOSTS ARE BACK!  We FINALLY have our duckies (or audio tracks) in a row and Taylor is joined by Taffy AND Rodan in the studio...and by studio, we mean Skype and Audacity.  The VMAs are talked about a little more, including the Leave Britney Alone guy, and Hip-Hop today....Is Taylor a bear?  Taffy and Rodan answer the question...and the answer is a little to quick for Taylor's comfort.  Taylor teaches Taffy a new skill.  Back the bears and what it means to be a gay guy in his 30s.  Rodan gets a little sumpin sumpin, and in the process of telling us about it, decided to share an embarassing fact from his and Taylor's twink days....Guys with big doingers...The Mover have been called...DS update...Taylor tells a story that MAY be more embarassing than the episode 7 story...Taffy shares a story about animal husbandry with Ranger Rick....Taylor wanted to support the troops with chicken mcnuggets...The Contest, The Biggest Loser and the new fall tv lineup.  Embarassing ourselves for the masses, we are...Pod Is My Copilot.

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