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PiMC: Episode 52 - A 2:15 Fastpass For The Glazed Donut, or, They're Dropping Like Pugs

A slightly longer episode, but I laughed out loud while editing a few times - and I was there the first time - We hope you like the show...

We're back after a week off, kittens!  And while we start off a little serious and outta practice, we get right back into the scheme of things!  In other words, we get to talkin dirty. AND we have a new segment!  Voicemails!  And a musical selection at the end of the show!  Visit our blog: www.podismycopilot.com, e-mail: podismycopilot@gmail.com, myspace.com: www.myspace.com/podismycopilot, join our facebook group at, "OK, So I Love Pod Is My Copilot."  Music: Fisher: Beautiful Life.  1-2-3-4 Come on baby, say you love us!  We are Pod Is My Copilot!

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