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"A Snarky Audio Cocktail," says David In Denver... Taylor the Latte Boy and Rodan (the gays) and Taffy Carlisle Huffington (the girl) talk about life in Florida and Louisiana, love (even if it's only for a night), friendship and pop culture on a weekly podcast. MONRRRROOOOE!!!!Another great podcast hosted by LibSyn.com

We discuss the wedding of the year! (If that year was 1983).

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The last episode before the wedding.  Pod Is My Copilot will be back in early May, 2017.  Thank you all for your well wishes for the happy couple!  And by couple, we mean Taylor and Taffy.

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Insert pot joke here.  Also, wedding updates, cheerleading tryouts and sex toys - not necessarily in that order!


Taylor and Babaloo's registry link: https://smile.amazon.com/wedding/taylor-latteboy-erick-babaloo-quinnterro-clearwater-april-2017/registry/27DO8P93BRQSP

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Taylor, Taffy and Rodan work to give you what you want - stupidity you can use to feel better about yourself.

Taylor and Babaloo's registry: https://smile.amazon.com/wedding/taylor-latteboy-erick-babaloo-quinnterro-clearwater-april-2017/registry/27DO8P93BRQSP

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History is made this week on PiMC.

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Continued questions and stories we've never told before!  Again, thank you for the wonderful support!

Our regular smut will return next week!

We love all of you so very much and thank you for allowing us into your brains for the last decade.  We are truly humbled.  And that's saying something.  Because narcissism.

Part 2 will be released next week.  If you're question wasn't answered on this half, TRUST me, it will be on the next show. 

Again, we can't thank you all enough.

Be a part of our 10th Anniversary show - leave us a question at podismycopilot@gmail.com before Sunday, March 5th!!!

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With a title like that, high class hilarity is BOUND to be assumed.


Send us questions for our 10 year episode, being taped in just a few weeks!



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