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"A Snarky Audio Cocktail," says David In Denver... Taylor the Latte Boy and Rodan (the gays) and Taffy Carlisle Huffington (the girl) talk about life in Florida and Louisiana, love (even if it's only for a night), friendship and pop culture on a weekly podcast. MONRRRROOOOE!!!!Another great podcast hosted by LibSyn.com

Title says it all.  We'll hold a seat for you! :) Taylor, Taffy and (briefly) Babaloo discuss this week in...well, Taylor, Taffy and (briefly) Babaloo.

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Mac and cheese can back on a Florida highway, just in case you need to know that for some reason.....

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2.5 hosts....

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PLEASE NOTE: We talk about Avengers: Endgame AFTER the closing music so as to not spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it.

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Rodan tries to tell a story.  It doesn't go well.

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Call our listener line and leave us voicemails! 727-490-8497

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The story.

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Two bottoms without a top share the realization they're old men.

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More stories from Rodan's butt......

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It's called oversharing, Janet.  Get used to it.

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Taylor, Taffy and Rodan all discuss their latest jaunt to the Carribean!

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You'll learn more about the boys of the show than you ever...ever....needed to know this week.....

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Apologies for the previous episode with no theme music and some editing issues.  This is the same episode as last week - look forward to 484 later this week.

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However you choose to celebrate this year, please know you have three people on this planet you've probably never met that appreciate you and thank you for listening to all their stupid stories.  We will be back in January, 2019.

We're back!

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Here it is - perfect for long car rides or tuning out family when they get talking about politics, 15 curated songs just for you during this time of the year.  We hope you enjoy!

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We're taping this year's annual mixtape this week, but fret not - here is the third hour of our overnight event in August! 

Rodan is back!  Well, most of him....

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Talkin' nerdy to you for a full hour!

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Taylor had technical issues, so we only got to tape about 20 minutes worth of show this week.  We are hopeful it will all be fixed by 475 and we will totally be back to the stuff and nonsense you all love!

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We didn't tape our usual show this week due to some unexpected Air Conditioning issues last weekend, but Taylor was asked to be a speaker at a local community event to discuss HIV and stigma in the community.  This is a copy of that speech. He hopes you enjoy hearing it.

Episode artwork credit: Taylor Hernandez

PiMC will be back to it's usual stuff and nonsense next week with 474

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Now she's making sense.....

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Taylor, Taffy and Rodan continue to prattle on about stuff and nonsense through the night as they participate in the August 2018 Live Event on Pride48.com.  

The first of four hours of entertainment (subjective) by some of your favorite (also subjective) favorite podcasters from the live August 2018 event over at Pride48.com.  Thank you to all who participated in the weekend and kept Taylor, Taffy and Rodan company in the chat room!

To those traveling to NOLA for Pride48 this weekend, please be safe and know we'll be thinking of you all all weekend!

To those NOT traveling, please listen to all the great shows streaming LIVE on pride48.com all weekend!

And don't forget about "Oh My God Are They Still Talking 2?" PiMC's live show this weekend after all the other shows go off to experience all the Big Easy has to offer - we start at 11:00 on Saturday and go til...well, whenever we're done!

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Lollipop's wedding in glorious detail!

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The final show before #BlackTieWhitePrivilege.  We will return in 2 weeks.

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Yet another word brought into the PiMC Vernacular this episode....never you fret, you won't have to wait long....

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Enjoy our latest.  Or don't.  Live your life, girl!  W

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The second of our two Pride48 shows from last month!  Enjoy!

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The first of our TWO live broadcasts from the Pride48.com weekend of shows on June 22-24, 2018!

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Please come join us on Saturday night on Pride48.com as we discuss whatever we want without a net!

For Curtis' GoFundMe page for his dog, Scout, please go to this link:


For more information on how to donate to Blue Faery, an organization that educates people on Heptocellular Carcinoma, please go to BlueFaery.org.

And yes, we put the donate to the dog link above the donate to the Taylor page.  Because fucking priorities.



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We're back with explanations and stuff.  This may be an offensive episode to some, everyone handles things differently. :P

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"Hilarity" ensues as dogs, raccoons, opossums, babies, homophobes and geese visit this week's show

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11 years with you all listening to this lunacy.  Thank you all for the attention and love.  You are amazing.  Each and every one of you!

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We talk about Lent, Rodan's cry for help at a Dave and Buster's, movie night and info on PRIDE 48 2018 in New Orleans, LA!  

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Taffy and Taylor left to their own devices.  Maturity ensues....

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All three back together.  Please note there are some occasional slight audio issues with Taylor's track - he disappears once or twice for a few seconds.  We're just assuming it's a result of one of our listeners wishing REEEEEEAAAALLLL hard.

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While Taffy is on a cruise and Taylor and Rodan recoup from various illnesses, here is part 4 of our 5 hour overnight show on Pride48 in June, 2017.

Be sure to check tons of great shows on Pride48.com!

We're back, y'all!

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Please have a wonderful and safe holiday season.  Taffy, Rodan and I love each and everyone of you for your support to our nattering on in your ears for the last year.

LOTS of talk about The Littlest Huffington's wedding to the Drumberjack!  Also, LOTS of spoilers and talk about Justice League and Thor: Ragnarok towards the end of the episode.  You've been warned :)  Oh, and Wendie Jo Sperber talk, because duh, have you met us?

Direct download: 447_PiMC__Episode_447_-_Cod_Is_My_Copilot.mp3
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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone - see you in early December!

Moves, Weddings and a secret revealed!  And we go over the Meyers-Briggs Personality tests results!!!

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Taylor and Taffy are left to their own devices with a challenge and iTunes libraries.  Look for the playlist they created on Apple Music and Spotify coming soon!


Thank you to super fan Joe in Dallas for the inspiration for this episode!

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more stuff and nonsense

Direct download: 443_PiMC__Episode_443_-_Comic_Sans_Wedding_Invites.mp3
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All the rest of our reunion episode, talking about Disney, Anniversaries, Bridal showers and Taylor feeling REALLY happy to be near the future Mrs. Lumberjack

Direct download: 442_PiMC__Episode_442_-_The_Junk_That_Could_Have_Been.mp3
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Rodan tells stories from the cruise!  Be sure to look at the artwork for a closer look at Gambit's award winning costume!  Look for the SECOND episode of the week Sunday, October 22nd.

Direct download: 441_PiMC__Episode_441_-_Because_Rodan_Was_What__Wrong..mp3
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It's hour 3 of the June overnight show and the joint is jumpin'!

We let the giraffe talk for a while, because givers.

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We're still alive.....

Direct download: 437_PiMC__Episode_437_-_Umm_Yacht_Rock_Is_Perfection.mp3
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Eclipse, thoughts and prayers, marital discord...not really, but, you know, clickbait

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Direct download: 435_PiMC__Episode_435_-_I_Love_Fuzzy_Butts.mp3
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Better late than pregnant!  Sorry for the late show, but it's slightly longer than usual (honk), so that's something, right?  

Direct download: 434_PiMC__Episode_434_-_When_A_Gorilla_Named_Caesar_Fists_You.....mp3
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The second hour and Rodan's new classic gross story!


Check out all the great shows on Pride48.com!

Be sure to check out The Shy Yeti's recent episode, "Tea Time With Taffy," as he speaks with our own Taffy Carlisle Huffington!

Direct download: 432_PiMC__Episode_432_-_No_Fins_No_Feathers_No_Fatties.mp3
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The weird noise disappears 30 seconds in.  Well, the weird noise other than us talking....

Direct download: 431_PiMC__Episode_431_-_GruntinnHeavin.mp3
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Nope, nothing.  Not a thing.  Nothing.  At.  All.

Direct download: 430_PiMC__Episode_430_-_Nothing_Interesting_Ever_Happens_In_Taffys_Life.mp3
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Getting back in our groove, we are back after a kinda sorta two weeks off.  Lot of Catching Up...wait, that's not our show....

Direct download: 429_PiMC__Episode_429_-_Business_Casual_Cockring.mp3
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First of all, big thanks to Pride48's Adam Burns for recording the archives to our first ever overnight shift on Pride48.com!  For those of you who missed the show, here is the first of FIVE parts that will be played when we take a week off from taping.  Please note, the sound is a little off in the beginning (some hissing), but that goes away after a minute or so.

PiMC will be back next week to talk about our 4th of July festivities. 

Thank you to all our listeners who came to our live show!  Our After Dark Specials, all five hours of them, will be coming soon!  We appreciate you all!

Be sure to listen to our live shows - Are They Still Talking? A Pod Is My Copilot Special...After Dark!  June 24th at 3AM Eastern!

Pod Is My Copilot's official show will be Sunday, June 25th at 8PM Eastern! 

BOTH on Pride48.com!

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Direct download: 426_PiMC__Episode_426_-_TWO_LIVE_SHOWS_THIS_WEEK_on_Pride48.com.mp3
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Just two happy little morons tonight, as Taffy and Taylor talk about Gay Days, Taffy in the park and some movie about a woman that wonders a lot of stuff.

Be sure to listen to PiMC - AFTER DARK! 6/24 at 3am Eastern and PiMC's annual live show on 6/25 @ 8pm Eastern on Pride48.com. 

Direct download: 425_PiMC__Episode_425_-_We_All_Celebrate_The_Troops_In_Different_Ways.mp3
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Secrets revealed.....


LIVE SHOWS June 24th at 3am Eastern and June 25th at 8pm Eastern - ONLY on pride48.com

Direct download: 424_PiMC__Episode_424_-_Taffy__The_Queen_Of_Pornhub.mp3
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Our live shows for Pride48 weekend are:

Oh My God, They're Still Talking? A PiMC After Dark Special - Saturday June 24th, 3am Eastern

Pod Is My Copilot - Sunday June 25, 8pm Eastern

We hope to see you there for both these classy events'n'shit.


Direct download: 423_PiMC__Episode_423_-_Dildosaurus_Rexxx.mp3
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We discuss the wedding of the year! (If that year was 1983).

Direct download: 422_PiMC__Episode_422_-_Say_Seating_Chart_One_More_Time.mp3
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The last episode before the wedding.  Pod Is My Copilot will be back in early May, 2017.  Thank you all for your well wishes for the happy couple!  And by couple, we mean Taylor and Taffy.

Direct download: 421_PiMC__Episode_421_-_Squeaky_Hawkings.mp3
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Insert pot joke here.  Also, wedding updates, cheerleading tryouts and sex toys - not necessarily in that order!


Taylor and Babaloo's registry link: https://smile.amazon.com/wedding/taylor-latteboy-erick-babaloo-quinnterro-clearwater-april-2017/registry/27DO8P93BRQSP

Direct download: 420_PiMC__Episode_420_-_Ashleys_Trying_Out_For_VarSITY.mp3
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Taylor, Taffy and Rodan work to give you what you want - stupidity you can use to feel better about yourself.

Taylor and Babaloo's registry: https://smile.amazon.com/wedding/taylor-latteboy-erick-babaloo-quinnterro-clearwater-april-2017/registry/27DO8P93BRQSP

Direct download: 419_PiMC__Episode_419_-_Puddles.mp3
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History is made this week on PiMC.

Direct download: 418_PiMC__Episode_418_-_Shes_My_Best_Friend_Not_Yours.mp3
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Continued questions and stories we've never told before!  Again, thank you for the wonderful support!

Our regular smut will return next week!

We love all of you so very much and thank you for allowing us into your brains for the last decade.  We are truly humbled.  And that's saying something.  Because narcissism.

Part 2 will be released next week.  If you're question wasn't answered on this half, TRUST me, it will be on the next show. 

Again, we can't thank you all enough.

Be a part of our 10th Anniversary show - leave us a question at podismycopilot@gmail.com before Sunday, March 5th!!!

Direct download: 415_PiMC__Episode_415_-_The_Charlies_Angels_2_of_Decisions.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:10pm EDT




Direct download: 414_PiMC__Episode_414_-_Compound_The_Interest_In_Mbutt.mp3
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With a title like that, high class hilarity is BOUND to be assumed.


Send us questions for our 10 year episode, being taped in just a few weeks!



Direct download: 413_PiMC__Episode_413_-_An_Elegant_Fingering__The_Rodan_Story.mp3
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Direct download: 412_PiMC__Episode_412_-_So_Glad_To_Be_Home.__Stick_It_In..mp3
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Thank you for your patience.....

Direct download: 411_PiMC__Episode_411_-_Pristine_White_With_A_Hint_Of_Pearl.mp3
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Taylor + anesthesia = Your holiday gift from PiMC.  You're welcome.  

We will be back sometime in January!

Direct download: vPiMC__Episode_73.m4v
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Happy Holidays from Rodan and Gambit, Taffy and Tank and Taylor and Babaloo!  We hope you all have a wonderful and prosperous 2017.  See you all next year!

We set up our tree the weekend before Thanksgiving, per Babaloo's request.  This is a  video of that.

LOTS of unflattering angles, kids.  Lots of them.


Look for the Christmas Episode next week!

Direct download: vPiMC__Episode_72.m4v
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Post Thanksgiving goodness.....


Next week is our annual Christmas show - please send us your holiday themed questions!

Direct download: 409_PiMC__Episode_409_-_If_Tucci_Cancels_Get_Me_Carmichael.mp3
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Here it is, kids!  For those late night baking sessions before the family gets here, or that long drive in the back of your parents' car....even though your 40.  Or for sitting home alone, just like you like it, with a bottle of wine and your resentment to keep you warm.  Whatever your reasons are for listening this year, we are thankful for you and hope you enjoy this year's mixtape!

The latest on Rodan's Disney Cruise!  All three cohosts together !!  Taylor is tired while he writes this!!!

Direct download: 407_PiMC__Episode_407_-_Averagely_Magical.mp3
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I had reservations about releasing a video Taffy created yesterday, but I think it's important enough as it shows the future of this country and that so many of us are doing the right thing by raising our children to be loving and caring individuals.  Ladies and gentlemen....The Littlest Huffington.....

Direct download: vPiMC_Episode_71.mp4
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The top of the group returns.

Taylor's over modulation goes away after the first 30 seconds or so, promise


Direct download: 405_PiMC__Episode_405_-_Can_We_Add_Nick_To_The_Registry_.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 10:32pm EDT


Direct download: 404_PiMC__Episode_404_-_I_Am_NOT_Making_That_The_Title.mp3
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Nothing warms my heart more than hearing my cohosts lose it laughing....

Direct download: 403_PiMC__Episode_403_-_I_Prefer_Kapillow.mp3
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Putting the FUN in funerals.....

Direct download: 402_PiMC__Episode_402_-_Thirsty_Gays_Watch_Arrow.mp3
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