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"A Snarky Audio Cocktail," says David In Denver... Taylor the Latte Boy and Rodan (the gays) and Taffy Carlisle Huffington (the girl) talk about life in Florida and Louisiana, love (even if it's only for a night), friendship and pop culture on a weekly podcast. MONRRRROOOOE!!!!Another great podcast hosted by LibSyn.com

Here it is, boys and girls...our gift to you - Happy Holidays from PiMC!

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PiMC: Episode 39 - It's Gunts A-Go-Go, or It Was A Bad Joke, But It Was Easy

THIS IS NOT OUR HOLIDAY EPISODE!!!  We decided that because you all had been such good boys and girls this year, that we would squeeze out one more episode before heading out separate ways for the Holidays.  This should probably have been called "The Tequila Episode," and you'll understand why after listening.  Our Holiday Episode HAS been taped, and is in the process of being recorded - please look for it on Sunday, December 23rd.

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PiMC: Episode 38 - Happy Birthday - There's A Swordfight In My Mouth, or That Would Kinda Explain My Weight.

Two things of note here: 1.) We saw this woman at Animal Kingdom with the qcast boys and Jason, a listener. (Thanks again, guys!!) and 2.) After editing this show, I think I can safely say that Rodan is drunk during this episode.

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Music: Brain Bukit - Run Rabbit/The Chase, Jonathan Coulter - Chiron Beta Prime

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PiMC: Episode 37 - Milk, Milk, Lemonade...., or Did You Schedule Your Ass Yet?

Always a day late, never a dollar short, we are Pod Is My Copilot.....We talk about all sorts of stuff on this episode, including 2 Girls 1 Cup, Rodan's feeling better, The end of the TV season (sorta), and most imporantly, Taffy shares another embarassing story.....

Music: Brain Bukit - Run Rabbit/The Chase (with a touch of fancy added for the holidays), and tonight's musical selection at the end of the show - A Don't Hug Me Christmas Carol - I'd Rather Be Naughty. (aka Taffy's Theme)

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PiMC: Episode 36 - I've Been Down To Funkytown, or Oh, Corky!  OH, CORKY!!!

Did I hear Taffy correctly when she said, "I own a Strap on?!?"

Drum subs in for an ill Rodan tonight, as we talk about post Thanksgiving stuff.

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PiMC: Episode 35 - I Love Sucking Cock.  Are Those Yams? or, 12 Minutes...Nothing Fancy...

It's our Thanksgiving episode.  Well, it starts out that way, but you know us.  We get filthy by the end.....

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(Tonight's music is The FuMP feat. Robert Lund - I Heart Thanksgiving.)


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PiMC: Project Runway Review S4 - Episode 1 Not a regular part of the episode, but a little sumpin sumpin to get your through if you are a fan of the Project Runway.  Taffy and I talk about what we like, what we didn't like and....well, that's kinda it.  Enjoy.
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PiMC: Episode 34 - If It's Sunday, I Must Be Shaving My Balls, or This IS All You Can Eat....Isn't It?

Back to a shorter format for all you busy kittens out there...Rodan goes to a non holiday holiday party, where he says "dawg" a lot...Taylor goes on another Disney jaunt, this time to Disney-MGM studios....OJ Simpson, and a new meaning for the word "burgle"...Taffy goes to a fancy restaurant...Rodan's drunk, and that is the excuse I am telling myself as to why he would throw me under the bus.  Isn't that right, RODAN....Taylor and Taffy get all Dr. Ruth on Rodan's ass....Queen Latifah, and Taylor catches Taffy cheating. You Can Dance If You Want To...You Can Leave Your Friends Behind.  But If You Don't Listen to PiMC and Your Friends Don't Listen, well, They're No Friends of Mine.

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PiMC - Episode 33: Joe Is Our Copilot, or Free Blowjobs With Showtime!!!

Our first contest winner, Joe, joins us to cash in his prize tonight!  He is a real sweetie, and handles himself better than most with three hosts who have the combined attention span of a three year old who just snorted five pixie sticks.  Discussions include, but are not limited to: Strippers, Chick Flicks, Taffy's continued obsession with xTube, Joe - the man, the legend, The Pussycat Dolls, Halloween, and the Littlest Huffington.  Thank you again to all of you who entered the contest.  Look for the next contest coming soon!  (As soon as we figure out what we want it to be...and where are your pumpkins, kittens?  I mean, come on - a TWENTY DOLLAR STARBUCKS CARD, for cryin' out loud!!!)  Holding Our For A Hero, we are....Pod Is My Copilot

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PiMC: Episode 32 - The World's Largest Oven Mit, or I Ask Them To Turn Around When I Wipe...

Yes, yes, I know it's a few days late, kittens, but Taylor's been busy, and worked hard to get you this gem of an episode (if I didn't get it out today, it would have had to wait til next Monday...)  Many topics are discussed this week including, Walt Disney World, dinner and a debate with dear old Dad, the Clearwater Jazz Festival, an attempt by Taylor and Taffy to capture the jabberwokky on tape; The bathroom habits of a host are exposed; Taffy discovers the wonders of a certain website Taylor has discussed in the past, Rodan's finally dating, but Taylor interrupts him, so we go back to his stories; the San Diego fires; The Littlest Huffington is proud; Letters and MySpace, and tentative plans for a meet and greet far into the future.

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PiMC: Episode 31 - It's A Petish..., or Want A Muffin For The Road?

Back to a menage, Taylor, Taffy and the Rodan touch upon...puppy updates, Taylor talks of boy troubles and seeing David Sedaris, Taffy tells of her Friday night, men with rubber boots, a large pole and big hoses..., An afternoon at MOSI and another tourist attraction in Tampa, Rodan tells a very confusing story (don't worry, we didn't understand him either), and Taffy and Taylor go shopping at a toy store....kinda.....Wake Me Up Before you Pod Is My Copilot.

Other Podcasts We Discuss This Week are...well, is:

Confessions of a Southern Boy In YankeeLand (and yes, Eric, I know I yelled at Rodan for screwing up the name of your show, and then I screwed it up as well....)

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PiMC - Episode 30 - The Miracle Episode, or, God, How Big IS Your Cl*t?

Called the Miracle Episode because it has taken me four days and multiple edits to get an episode out for all of you, our loyal kittens...Drum Riley Calhoun is in the studio tonight, and we broach on topics including, bad customer service (again), puppies puppies puppies, Taylor and Rodan's summer 2008 vacation plans, the burgundy mullet, Taffy and Tank's anniversary, and a new feature - Listener e-mail!!!  We'll bring the olive oil, you bring the twister board...we are Pod Is My CoPilot.

Other podcasts talked about this episode include:

Ramble Redhead

Foul Monkeys

Confessions of a Southern Boy in Yankee Land

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PiMC - Episode 29 - You Can All Pass Me Around For Smokes, or Because The Very Special Rainbow Brite Christmas Special.....

It's a dairy free show this week....no latte for you....Taffy and Rodan host the show tonight, and talk about Taffy's embarrassing moment of the week, Rodan goes through Sophie's Choice, Central Florida Education...and other stuff I can't remember.  Secret Lovers, that's what they are......(this week) THEY are Pod Is My Copilot....

Music: Brain Bukit: Run Rabbit/The Chase

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PiMC: Episode 28 - Your Double Ds

A different kind of episode for the PiMC crew?  How so?  Well, both my cohosts complain that I give too much away in the show description, so I guess I'm just going to have to let you listen to it to find out how.


(Ok, I'll tell you - we get kinda serious about halfway through the show.  I know you may come to us for laughs, and I think we give you those in this episode, but this is a way to see a different side of us, I guess.)

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PiMC: Episode 27 - You Smell Like Barney Rubble, and He's Blowing Up A Raft To Ride Down Lake Bear

First and Foremost, this episode is a little more risque than usual, so not for the faint of heart.  That being said.....

ALL THREE HOSTS ARE BACK!  We FINALLY have our duckies (or audio tracks) in a row and Taylor is joined by Taffy AND Rodan in the studio...and by studio, we mean Skype and Audacity.  The VMAs are talked about a little more, including the Leave Britney Alone guy, and Hip-Hop today....Is Taylor a bear?  Taffy and Rodan answer the question...and the answer is a little to quick for Taylor's comfort.  Taylor teaches Taffy a new skill.  Back the bears and what it means to be a gay guy in his 30s.  Rodan gets a little sumpin sumpin, and in the process of telling us about it, decided to share an embarassing fact from his and Taylor's twink days....Guys with big doingers...The Mover have been called...DS update...Taylor tells a story that MAY be more embarassing than the episode 7 story...Taffy shares a story about animal husbandry with Ranger Rick....Taylor wanted to support the troops with chicken mcnuggets...The Contest, The Biggest Loser and the new fall tv lineup.  Embarassing ourselves for the masses, we are...Pod Is My Copilot.

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PiMC: Episode 26 - Brown Eye In The Sky, or "Mrs. Huffington Just Yelled Pussy At Me!"

It's getting ready to rain cats and dogs here, kittens, but we are throwin this episode out there for you to enjoy and keep you warm at night.  Taffy and Taylor talk about the latest up to date news from the WPIMC Weather Center (for about a minute), Possible midnight rendezvous, weight and the possibility of being nakey in front of new people, Taylor enjoys something out of an AbFab episode, the group goes to Orlando, sans TnT, The VMAs and Britney (because, you know, no one else is talking about it...), computers and the new iPods, People falling down, including someone we know, a new podcast you all MUST listen to, Merkin patrol, and the latest on the contest.  Washing up on the beach like a bloated mermaid, we are....Pod Is My Copilot....

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PiMC: Episode 25 - I'm A Big, Soft, Flabby Girl, or RUUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNNN!!!!! Rodan and Taylor are in the sudio tonight, accompanied by music and soft lighting and lots of funny stories....Taylor finishes up some on call time, and talks about poking dead people while drinking a frothy beverage...well, not at the same time...see, he was talking about it WHILE drinking....never mind.....Taylor and Rodan dip into geek speak for just a minute, discussing Taylor's new Nintendo DS....Rodan is still built like a giraffe, but less so, and it shows....Drum Riley Calhoun's home made mac and cheese...YUMM-O...My Coke Rewards....we discuss the Zac Effron and other notable things about the blog...our new myspace friends, including podcast celebrities asking us to be pals...who knew they knew we existed?!? We talk about the first official PiMC Contest - Rules and Prizes are explained....Yes, I said Prizes, so YOU suck on that, Foul Monkeys.....Rodan discusses his orgy shower, breakup sex, and Taylor demands the secret password....It's a sausage party...it's a 'mo fest....it's Pod Is My Copilot.

MUSIC: Brain Bukit: Run Rabbit/The Chase; Andrew Pfaf: Gen X Car; Dr. Akward: Coffee Table

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PiMC: Episode 24, Part 2 - We're All About The Anal Sex Here at PiMC, and PUT ON A BELT!!!

We're back for part 2!!!  Taylor Becomes Taylor the Guinea Pig, The Lesbians hate Rodan...Taylor and Taffy talk about the Daily Purge, and ask YOU what we can do to improve the show...Our first poll...Moons over Monroe...The Jenga Tower of Gloom...Our backhanded review on the myspace....Saunas...Will the Mountain Woman return to the show?  And finally, a holiday promise to all of you....in August....  We're the best...better than all the rest...better than anyone...something something something something...Pod Is My Copilot...

Music: Brain Bukit: Run Rabbit/The Chase

email: podismycopilot@gmail.com. myspace: www.myspace.com/podismycopilot, blog: www.podismycopilot.com,

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PiMC: Episode 24, Part 1 - He Has A Thick Chestnut Bush, or They Like 'Em Husky In Monroe....

Well, we are so chock full of stories and vignettes tonight that I had to break the episode up into TWO shows. (Part 2 will be out later in the week).  Taylor talks with both Taffy and Rodan...but not at the same time...it will make sense when you listen to it.  Taffy talks about a waiter with no boundaries, Rodan has the honor of being the first PiMCer hunted down online (by a cute guy, from the sounds of it), Taffy and Taylor discuss cheating on tests in school and the joy of child abuse, Rodan talks about how finding an unwelcome pest in his house led to his new marital status, and plans to bring Rodan back to the show a little more often, especially now that he can be our roving reporter.....kinda...again, it will make sense when you listen to it.  Reunited (kinda) and it feels so good, we are Pod Is My Copilot. MUSIC: Brain Bukit - RunRabbit/The Chase

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Watch for Part 2 of Episode 24 coming later this week!!!

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PiMC: Episode 23 - I Think I Lost Ball Paintin' Privileges A While Ago....

It's all things 80's this episode as Taylor and Taffy are joined by Tank Huffington.  We start off with the SYTYCD finale, and work our way into the new fall schedule....Another chapeter from "Taylor's Big Gay Childhood" is read to the masses....80's toys...Jean Claude Van Damme (no, seriously)...The best of the worst movies ever....80's icons we had a "thang" for....Grad Night....thirtysomething, Moonlighting, and Will and Grace....Movies we haven't got around to watching yet...Stinky Celebrities...Tank eats an armpit sandwich....Taffy spits in the face of positive thinking...We talk about a listener's podcast, and Taylor gets the address wrong (It's www.purpleduckie.com), Big News from PiMC, MySpace and Madonna Madonna Madonna!  Ladies with an attitude...fellas that were in the mood....

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PiMC: Episode 22 - Bottom Shopping, or If You Care, 26... Taylor sets himself up for failure in the first minute of the show (The title of this episode will make sense by the end of the show, though I‘m sure I missed some when I kept count). Taffy and Taylor thank all the previous guests of the last few weeks. Taffy lets a cat out of the bag re: sound quality on the show…Michael’s visit, We do a plug for a local Mom and Pop place….More on the Mountain Woman…Ramble Redhead and being on his show (look for it soon on www.rambleredhead.com)….Taylor’s on call for work…. SYTYCD and High School Music 2...Taylor gets another one of his fabulous ideas (thank you Blair Warner) from another one of Taffy’s hair brained, Lucy and Ethel schemes…method acting….another story from the trip to NC…..back to school shopping….Taffy talks about being ?Bitten.?…. Taylor talks to a fortune teller at the nursing home, and plays covert assistant at Target….We finally answer a question that many of you have asked…A NEW Listener Challenge - Leave us a review on iTunes....That MEANS YOU!!!!  (pretty please) Visit our blog at www.podismycopilot.com, be our friend at www.myspace.com/podismycopilot, or e-mail us at podismycopilot@gmail.com. Music: Brain Bukit - Run Rabbit/The Chase.
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PiMC: Episode 21 - Oh, Is Someone Licking Someone's Butt? It's a podcast summit with Michael from qCastCT.com and Daniel from Callbox 7...in my living room!  We talk about all sorts of things on Daniels fancy schmancy mixing board and microphone.  Of course that doesn't stop Taylor from talking REALLY CLOSE TO THE MICROPHONE and very very far away....Other than that, the sound quality is AWESOME!  It's very NPR...on your iPod....wooden spoons wooden spoons... First, Daniel and I realize we have a past....Chili's.....an update on the Work Passion Party....Daniel talks about Callbox 7, Michael TRIES to talk about qCast CT (though he won't give up the new name (though we all know now the new CT is for Connections), but Taylor keeps interrupting him, we talk about getting together with ANOTHER Florida podcast, Bob Lassiter,and a hidden talk radio shame that Taylor shares with the group.  Oh, and the pugs decide to engage in pug on pug action in the middle of the room, while the podcasters look on in horror.  Please check out www.callbox7.com and www.qcastct.com MUSIC: Brain Bukit: Run Rabbit/The Chase. www.podismycopilot.com, www.myspace.com/podismycopilot/, podismycopilot@gmail.com
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PiMC: Episode 20 - "Hi...Did We F**k?"

It's a full house with FIVE, count 'em, FIVE co hosts tonight!  Join Taffy and Taylor, Tank, Drum and...the Mountain Woman as they have a post dinner conversation about past group vacations, a meeting in a parking lot, pick-up lines, Taylor gets zinged by a co-worker, Tupperware for your vagina, Taffy reveals a phobia, motion sickness, and Rodan takes one for the good of the podcast, "3...2...1 - Fly", Blockbuster.com and Drum's obsession with depressing documentaries, Souxie Souix, So You Think You Can Dance, Taffy confuses Salt-N-Pepa with TLC, other podcasts.  Taffy throws Taylor under the bus during a conversation on why he was a whore in his 20s, MySpace, Mountain Woman asks the age old question, "Why podcasting?," and "We here at the Sunny Motel...."  MUSIC: Brain Bukit - Run Rabbit/The Chase e-mail podismycopilot@gmail.com, visit the blog at www.podismycopilot.com, please be our friend at www.myspace.com/podismycopilot.

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PiMC: Episode 19 - Nerdgasm, Or They Sell Homeless People There

It's a He-man wimmin haters club tonight as a Taffy-less Taylor's Guest Co Host is his OLD Co Host, Rodan....  Rodan will be back regularly in the future, but as you can tell from the sound quality, we're improving, but not there just yet.  Taped over two nights, we talk about how Rodan is purple and engorged (don't ask), what he's been up to (and no up to, apparently), What super powers each of us would want, an update on the gay scene of that bustling metropolis that is Munnnroooooe?!?, the Transformer's movie, San Diego Comic Con, Comic Books, Nesting in our new domiciles, Rodan's new chair, which apparently makes Taylor want to do drag, and gym talk...well, Rodan's gym.  Plus, two, count 'em, TWO soap opera references...Music: Brain Bukit: Run Rabbit/The Chase

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A mini episode, Taylor records his first solo podcast ,and explains why in the first few minutes - regular episodes will resume later this week, so never you fret.  Taffy will be back. 
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PiMC: Episode 17 - The Janitor Checked Me Every Day for Scoliosis...

We jump around aimlessly on this one, folks... It would be easier for me to just list what we talk about, because it's 11:30 and I am tired....  We discuss Rodan, and his future on the show....Tank's birthday...Taffy goes down a dangerous path....Taylor tells us how he found what was missing in his life, and talks about adjusting to livin'....single....in a 90's kinda world, he's glad he's got HIS girls... (Sorry, a Kim Coles moment...it won't happen again....)  Pillaging Drum's CD collection before it leaves Casa Latteboy...Which NKOTB would Taylor do...and which one would he feel dirty doing it with....Steel Magnolias rustlin' through the winds of St. Petersburg.... World Series of Pop Culture.... "Aeronautical?".... Taffy's....ahem..."theory" on space travel.... A discussion on cereal turns to waxing nostalgic on growing up 80's style... A brief break - with accompanying music, to boot!.... A check in from cheer camp.... So You Think You Can Dance.... The cute boy next door.... Big Brother, which we don't watch.... The worst job in the world (or an excuse to pull out another John Goodman story).... MySpace updates....Foul Monkeys, DTWF, and Taffy listens to...BTALK?!?....A challenge for the listeners...and we end with movie quotes.

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MUSIC: Brain Bukit: Run Rabbit/The Chase, and random music from soundsample.com

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PiMC: Episode 16 - It's Big...Like Drum's Balls...

We're knee deep in the hoopla as Taylor and Taffy wax poetic on emusic.com, the latest 4th of July festivities, a lovely story of Taylor's youth that's suitable for small children (or not), The artistry of the band Starship, A happening which forever will be known as "The Deviled Egg Bukkake Incident," Nutritional information on spunk, the ingenue known as Shia LaBouf, an update on Rodan, Road Rules (the first season), Tank's new tank, Drum Riley and his new digs, an update on the MySpace challenge, St. Pete Pride....and a goal for next year, A challenge for a fellow podcast team, and PiMC's official entries for QCastCT's name change.... Love us, love our foolishness. Music: Brain Bukit: Run Rabbit/The Chase.

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PiMC: Episode 15 - Astroglide Brownies, Anyone?

Some interesting changes to the show tonight.  We did a live show in the same room with an iTalk recorder for Taylor's iPod...someone is missing, but someone is there to take his/her place....We talk about Cecadas, and a movie from the 70s called The Island, Pride in St. Pete, which is this weekend, don'tchaknow....Bears and whether or not Taylor's family think he is one....Some more John Goodman stories, and a Drum Riley Story thrown in for good measure....The time share agreement Taylor and Taffy apparently have for the brain they share....How Taffy repeats herself a lot and her career as a Kumquat Princess....New Podcasts...The MySpace page boom and a request for the listeners....A plug for a great non-profit organization....and the new Frappr Map.

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PiMC: Episode 14 - Oh, God!  We're Not At Minneapolis Yet?!? This week we wax nostaligic on Summertime fun, which ends up being a conversation about 80's reruns, Summer Camp, The Joizee Shore, Brigantine Castle, and Rodan's travel woes. The review about Ocean's 13 that was talked about in the beginning in the episode will be in a future episode, after Taffy goes and sees it.

Thanks to Drum for help with the opening theme music this week! Closing music: Brain Bukit: Run Rabbit/The Chase

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PiMC: Episode 13.5 - Wii Want to Play..... Our first (and only) WiiCast!   This is the live recording Taffy and I did that was supposed to be on the end of the last podcast, but the file ended up being too big, so I thought this would be a fun little treat to hold you over til the next episode!  We'll see you all next week!
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PiMC: Episode 13 - .....Was The Stench of Skanks...

We FINALLY have the sound quality figured out....for now.  Taffy, Taylor, and Rodan talk about QCast Ct, The Sopranos finale and the future of HBO, Taffy's Wii, Taylor's Wii, Taffy's Birthday, how Taylor and Taffy do their best Notorius B.I.G impressions, Rodan's move to Louisiana, Taylor annoys Rodan with a Ted Knight impression over and over and over again, and...well, other stuff.  Note: The roving wiicast we talked about playin at the end of the episode will be a special episode later on in the week.  The file was just too big for our feed.  Sorry!

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Music: Brain Bukit: Run Rabbit/The Chase

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PiMC: Episode 12 - I Peed.

Well, the new mic isn't working much better than the old mic...but we have another episode for you all.  Taylor laments the end for Tony Soprano, Rodan discusses Frankenfoot and his own personal hell over the upcoming weekend, Taffy discusses her family's return and Taylor's recent aquatic adventures at her mother's pool this last labor day.  Discussions turn to So You Think You Can Dance, Knocked Up, the new iPhone, and the time that Taffy and Taylor took a little ride to Savannah.  Plus much much more.  Sorry about the sound quality.  We're workin on it!  I swear!!!  Music: Brain Bukit: Run Rabbit/The Chase

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PiMC: Episode 11- I Can't Seem To Find My Butt Plug.... Technical issues try to thwart our heroes this week, but to no avail...well, a little avail.  Rodan is caught in the time space continuum and is two seconds behind us about halfway through, so it sounds like it takes him longer to get the jokes.  Plus Luke from Mediagasm is right, our audio sucks!  But you listen anyway, and that's why we love you all. We touch on Rodan's ankle, the summer movie season (including Spiderman 3), babysitting Taffy, Drum moving out, unicycles, new reviews on iTunes and Mediagasm.  Introduce a new name for a relative, bad porn titles, Myspace.com, and 80's "reality" shows.  email: podismycopilot@gmail.com, myspace: www.myspace.com/podismycopilot, website: http://www.oksopodcast.blogspot.com .Music: Brain Bukit: Run Rabbit/The Chase.
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PiMC: Episode 10 - The John Goodman Chronicles..... It's a Beachcast, kittens!  Taylor and Taffy head down to Clearwater, Florida for a free two night stay at a hotel (courtesy of Taylor's work), and they bring Lola Lafayette and Drum Riley Calhoun along for the ride.  We ramble on for quite a while, talking about topics like John Goodman (not the actor...it will make sense), Judy Blume, 70s Soap Operas, Gorilla Salads and Clean Workspaces, Favorite Words, and yet another story that makes Taylor look crazy.  Welcome our two first guest co-hosts, won't you?  We are stong...we are in invincible, we are Pod Is My Copilot....(Oh, and look for Rodan in next week's episode)  Music: Brain Bukit: Run Rabbit/The Chase.
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PiMC: Episode 9 - Tell The Latino Leather Daddy He Can Go Home FINALLY!  We're back - but not without some slight technical difficulties....  Anytime we talk about Math within the first 10 minutes, you KNOW we're in trouble.  Rodan has good news...and bad news...Taffy makes fun of Taylor, and oh yeah, Taylor pulls out not one but TWO more embarassing stories this week.  I'm tired, so just sit back and enjoy....Pod Is My Copilot....
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PiMC: Episode 8 - He IS Kim Zimmer It's a veritable clusterf**k as we wander up and down the discussion landscape.  We try to mix things up a bit (again) with disasterous results, we talk about Taylor's turn to travel a lot this week (though not nearly as glamourous as Taffy's recent jaunts), watching gay porn with your mom, Taffy's mother listening to the last episode and the aftermath, Rodan's job hunt, Disney Princesses and weddings, Cheer Idol (in Taffy's mind), Heroes, Rodan and his sad DVD watching, Taffy's Question of the Week (or three).  Oh, and Taylor sings....badly.  This Spring, Pod is My Copilot is a girl's best accessory!  Music: Brain Bukit: Run Rabbit/The Chase.  Special Guest Stars: Fozzie Bear and Kermit The Frog.
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PiMC: Episode 7 - ......Interruptus.

Well, this week we talk over one another a lot and have a discussion about many things....yeah, that's it...many....things.

Keep in mind the only reason I posted Rodan's story was because of Taffy's laughter. 

There will be a reckoning, that's all I'm sayin......

Music: Brain Bukit: Run Rabbit/The Chase.  Guest star Paula Deen.

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PiMC: Episode 6 - Don't Foget The Scat An update on Taffy's trip to the land of Paula Deen, We talk of guilty pleasures, movie quotes, and, oh yeah, Taylor gets molested in a sauna....and not in the good way.....We are strong...We are Invincible...we are Pod Is My Copilot.  Music: Brain Bukit - Run Rabbit/The Chase, with special guests Kirstie Alley, Mister Rogers, Peter Graves and Agnes Moorehead.
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PiMC: Episode 5 - We're What They Call....Roomy..... It's a funny episode with Rodan, Taffy and me, Taylor.  We bounce around all over the place, talking about the dental needs of the Latte Boy family, an audible gasp over a cute guy, Girls Gone Wild restaurants, bad movies, overworked college students, job hunts, trip that weren't meant to be, bad music to have sex to, the guy who directed "A Christmas Story," and....well, other stuff I can't remember.  Christmas Comes Early...and so does Rodan (hair trigger....shhhhh, don't tell anyone...), it's "Pod Is My Copilot!"  MUSIC: Brain Bukit: The Chase/Rabbit Run.  email - podismycopilot@gmail.com , Blog: oksopodcast.blogspot.com, Myspace - myspace.com/podismycopilot.
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PiMC - Episode 4, 2.0 - Glittered Underwear and Root Canals

Let's try this again......

It's a "Very Special Episode" of Pod Is My Copilot, as we talk about tooth decay and unemployment, Movies and Motinis (yeah, you read that right). It's all very 80' sitcom....unfortunately, it's more "Small Wonder" that "Golden Girls." And, of course, Taffy and Rodan team up on Taylor (It's not as hot as it sounds. TRUST.) And Taffy asks another of her "If" questions. Taylor sounds a little low tonight, or does Taff sound a little loud? Ok, so thank you for being patient as I learn the joys of the podcast. It's a fun episode, kittens! It's Pod is My Copilot! Music: Brain Bukit: Run Rabbit, The Chase. check out our blog - http://www.oksopodcast.blogspot.com , e-mail us at podismycopilot@gmail.com , and be our friend on Myspace - http://www.myspace.com/podismycopilot . Thank you again for listening!!!

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PiMC: Epiode 3 - Catfights, Smoothies and Tiaras Well, tonight it's Taffy and I joining the voices in your head.  We catch up on ANTM, discuss how Taylor crossing a picket line of sorts leads into Taffy telling a story...sort of....and the Taffy asks another question from her big book of "If..."  Always looking for punishment, we are...Pod is My Copilot. Music - Brain Bukit, Run Rabbit/The Chase
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PiMC: Episode 2 - Letter Games and Psycho Roomates

Hello Everyone.  This is the second attempt at a podcast today.  The First one got all screwed up.  Just Rodan and I tonight, but fret not, because the lovely Taffy will be joining me later this week, to talk of current events and....America's Next Top Model, which I partook in for the first time last week.  But I digress.  Rodan and I talk about our favorite cocktails, and tell some of our favorite stories about our friendship.  Somehow, all the stories tonight have a theme of anger, alcohol or psychosis.  Oh, and we have theme music to close OUT the show - we're all fancy and stuff!  Check out our myspace page - myspace.com/podismycopilot, or check out our blog oksopodcast.blogspot.com, or email us at podismycopilot at gmail.com. MUSIC: Brain Bukit - Run Rabbit/The Chase.  Just like Charlie's Angels, only less sexy, we are...Pod Is My Copilot.

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PiMC: Episode 1 - John Stamos Is Timeless... It's our first podcast, kittens! Join Taylor, Taffy and Rodan as they get to know each other, talk about many things 80s, and learn that Taffy has a God complex....shocking...it's "Pod Is My Copilot", y'all! Music: Brain Bukit - Run Rabbit/The Chase
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Hey Guys.  This is the prequel to the new podcast, "Pod is My Copilot."  I want to introduce myself to all of you, and am learning as I go along.  So if I screw this up, man up.  You're getting it for free.  Twoila!
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