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"A Snarky Audio Cocktail," says David In Denver... Taylor the Latte Boy and Rodan (the gays) and Taffy Carlisle Huffington (the girl) talk about life in Florida and Louisiana, love (even if it's only for a night), friendship and pop culture on a weekly podcast. MONRRRROOOOE!!!!Another great podcast hosted by LibSyn.com

The beginning of the end of a friendship as Taffy admits her betrayal to Taylor, Rodan admits Gambit's betrayal to Gomos everywhere, and Lollipop revisits the PiMC Studios to update us on her first year at college!  Taking your cohosting applications, we are Pod Is My Copilot

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On a very special Pod Is My Copilot, Taffy says goodbye to a longtime tried and true friend...it's like Beaches, y'all!  blog:www.podismycopilot.com, phone: 206-350-1287, email: podismycopilot@gmail.com, FB: Pod Is My Copilot, twitter: @PiMCTaylor

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Happy Mother's Day!  We talk about a celebration of things that came out of Taffy's vagina, The summer movie going experience (MMMM!  Yes!  Ok?!?), and Rodan tries to explain what a Nicky Minaj is to Taylor.

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TWO Episodes in one week!  Taffy and Taylor see their favorite red haired, large breasted podcaster that isn't on Foul Monkeys, Rodan has a scary moment with Robert Hays and Julie Haggerty (Google it, people), and we wax poetic on the film history or a C list 80's celebrity.  And, we have a moment with history as this episode was taped while....well, you'll just have to listen to find out!  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be sure to download and listen to episode 179 if you haven't already!  Thank, kittens!

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It's our Easter episode....granted it's a week late, but still....Look for episode 180 later this week.  That's right kids, we'll make up for our lack of show last week with TWO shows this week....

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